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  • Fri

    Woods So Wild


    The Mylor Theatre, Mylor Building, Truro College, Truro, Cornwall TR1 3XX

    Inspired by the sights, senses and sounds of nature, William Byrd’s famous setting forms a backdrop to a feast of frottole, verelai, songs and chansons featuring the swan, lark, nightingale and the pleasures of the “oken wood”. The programme features music from the thirteenth to the twenty-first centuries including Gibbons, Wilbye, Marenzio, Purcell and Vivaldi, plus contemporary music by Tim Coker and Tomi Räisänen.

    Featuring five of the UK’s leading specialist professional artists, Fontanella bring the history of the recorder to life. Their concert programme celebrates the long history of the recorder from the mediaeval period to the present day. The ensemble perform on a specialist array of instruments of every shape and size, from their beautiful 15-piece renaissance consort to their fascinating set of contemporary Paetzold ‘square’ basses. The group aims to combine an awareness of recent scholarship in Renaissance and early repertoire with performances of more contemporary works.
    Tel 01872 267000