The concert was the best attended of the SASRA Music & Arts season’  

That was the best concert here this year!’

At Parham House, West SussexBookings

Our fees are negotiable and subject to a number of variables! Please do contact us for a chat about your ideas or requirements.

Fontanella usually performs as a quintet but occasionally also with fewer players. Individual members of the group are also available to offer school staff Inset days and CPD workshops, with fees calculated on professional hourly rates.

As a rough guide, full-length evening concert fees are usually around £1200-1500 with expenses negotiated separately according to geographical location.

Educational Workshop fees vary enormously according to the scope of the project. Please contact us with your budget.

Publicity Images

Below are some high-resolution photos for use in publicity. Please contact us if you have any difficulties in downloading them.

Fontanella certainly did give the audience, as the programme was headed,  ‘Pastime with Good Company’