Fontanella have released two companion albums on the BCR label: Woods So Wild (2016) and The Nightingale’s Response (2017). These albums explore a rich diversity of repertoire on the theme of nature and birdsong.

The Nightingale’s Response

A natural follow on from the medieval and renaissance music explored in Woods So Wild, this album contains music from the seventeenth century to the present day, including music by Merula, Purcell, Saint-Saens, Kosma, Shearing and Tim Coker.

Officially released at the 2017 Greenwich International Festival of Early Music, you can order the disc now from BCR. Alternatively you can download the album or tracks from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby


Woods So Wild

In this beautiful collection of Medieval and Renaissance consort pieces, Fontanella explores the theme of nature expressed in music, from the simple English ballad settings Strawberry Leaves and My Robin, through the complex virelais of the French medieval Ars Nova, to the exquisite word painting of the Italian renaissance madrigal. Works include Machaut’s Rose Liz Printemps, William Byrd’s famous settings of The Leaves be Green and The Woods So Wild, as well as the remarkable birdsong chanson L’Alouette by Janequin. A feast of feathery and leafy pleasures! Buy your copy of Woods So Wild or listen to taster tracks at BCR. Or you can download the album or tracks from Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby

Taster Tracks from Woods So Wild

Anon: Strawberry Leaves


Vaillant: Par Maintes Foys


Anon: Daphne
















If you are hunting for our first CD The Fruit of Love on the BCR label, stock levels are now very limited but we plan to offer MP3 downloads of some tracks in the near future, including Tim Coker’s modern work, The Leaves be Green. Do contact us if you need further information.